3 Issues Created By Tooth Loss

3 issues created by tooth lossCan you imagine meeting someone who was excited by the idea of losing their teeth? It may be hard to find anyone who sees this as a positive development, but people may not understand how many aspects of your oral health can be negatively impacted by tooth loss. If you have suffered tooth loss, restoration is available through the placement of a dental implant. A dental implant is fitted into your jawbone; because it is made of biocompatible titanium, your bone will fuse to it. This strong hold keeps your replacement tooth steady enough to function like a natural tooth, and can help support your jaw.

1. You Can Struggle To Eat And Speak Like You Used To

Trying to work around a gap in your upper or lower row of teeth can be difficult, and frustrating. Unfortunately, this is a reality people face when they have a missing tooth. Over time, those adjustments can actually cause your jaw to become sore, and its function can also be affected.

2. You Can Suffer Deterioration In Your Jaw

There is a positive relationship between your tooth root, and your jaw. The jaw holds your tooth in place by securing the root. Your roots create stimulation in your jaw, and that stimulation keeps up your jaw’s health. Dental implants offer the unique advantage of restoring that function, as even other prosthetic dental options will not offer this benefit.

3. You Can Be Self-Conscious About How You Look

You should not have to feel like you are “stuck” with an appearance that is adversely affected by a lost tooth. A replacement tooth’s lifelike appearance can make it so that your smile looks how it did before the lost tooth.