Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is for advanced stages of tooth decay, or teeth that are damaged enough to expose their inner tissues to bacteria and infection. Like a tooth filling, root canal treatment involves removing infected tooth material and cleaning away bacteria, then restoring the tooth’s strength, integrity, and function. Unlike a filling, however, root canal treatment allows Dr. Okoniewski to access the interior chamber, or pulp, of your tooth, as well as the root canal that anchors the tooth into your jawbone.

The Need for Root Canal Treatment

Treating an internally-infected tooth can be more complex than treating a simple cavity. When infection reaches a tooth’s pulp, the nerves and blood vessels inside of the chamber become infected. The root canal connected to the pulp is the pathway through which your jawbone feeds your tooth nutrients, and if the infection is not treated, then it can spread through the canal and into the jawbone and surrounding tissues. If a tooth is damaged and the pulp is exposed, then internal infection can occur more rapidly.

What You Should Expect

To determine if root canal treatment is necessary, Dr. Okoniewski will thoroughly examine your teeth and take digital X-rays to view the tooth’s interior. He will only recommend root canal treatment if the tooth cannot be saved with a filling or other restorative treatment.

Before beginning the procedure, we will anesthetize the tooth and surrounding area to minimize discomfort. If you prefer, you may also ask about dental sedation options to help you remain calm and relaxed throughout your treatment.

To treat the tooth, Dr. Okoniewski will carefully and gently access the tooth’s interior, then remove the bacteria, as well as all infected tooth tissues and structure. Then, he will seal the root canal to strengthen it and prevent bacteria from entering it in the future.

To restore the tooth’s main structure, Dr. Okoniewski will fill it with a tooth-colored filling, and then place a lifelike dental crown over the entire tooth to protect it.

Find Out if You Need Root Canal Treatment

If you need root canal treatment, then don’t hesitate, or you may have to end up extracting the tooth. To find out if you do need a root canal, schedule a visit with Dr. Okoniewski by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.