Counting On Dental Implants To Support Dentures

counting-on-dental-implants-to-support-denturesA set of complete dentures can be your means of addressing the cosmetic and functional problems associated with total tooth loss. Your dentist can construct a set of dentures for your upper or lower jaw, and ensure that it has a precise fit. If you need a set of dentures, you can discuss the benefits of having dental implants to hold them in place. These implants act like artificial tooth roots, and hold your dentures in place with a support that is comparable to the support your natural teeth enjoyed. Once the implants have been placed, and have healed properly, your dentist can secure your implant dentures.

Having Dental Implants Placed

Your dentist will need to study your jawbone, to make sure you have no issues that would complicate implant placement. Extra steps may be required if you have a jawbone that cannot currently support your implants. If gum disease is an active problem, it will need to be addressed as well. Dental implants are inserted into parts of your jaw where tooth roots once resided. After they have been placed, it will take time for them to heal properly.

Why Dental Implants Are Better For Your Jaw

Dentures and dental bridges have real functional and cosmetic value, but only dental implants can take care of issues tooth loss can cause for your jaw. When you lose teeth, you also lose stimulation from the roots of those teeth in your jaw. That stimulation helps keep up the necessary blood flow to keep your jaw healthy. Dental implants can also stimulate the bone, and help sustain the proper blood flow.