What Is Tooth Loss Doing To My Oral Health?

what-is-tooth-loss-doing-to-my-oral-healthYou can be reminded of what tooth loss has done to your appearance every time you notice the gap in your smile. For some people, the discomfort of people seeing that they have lost teeth will motivate them to find a prosthetic dental solution. There are also real oral health consequences to tooth loss, and these issues should not be dismissed. Missing teeth can lead to jaw problems that can become painful. You can have a harder time eating, and your risk for further tooth loss will go up. With a dental implant, you can put an end to these issues, and correct your appearance. You can also stop the deterioration of your jawbone with an implant – this is something other prosthetics will not be able to stop.

A Dental Implant Can Put An End To The Problems Caused By Tooth Loss

Having a dental implant can protect you from the oral health problems that can spring up when you experience tooth loss. Because the implant occupies space between other teeth roots, you can stop neighboring teeth from moving. You can also make biting and chewing easier again. While other prosthetic choices will not put an end to jawbone resorption (the loss of jawbone tissue that can occur after tooth loss), an implant can prevent this deterioration.

Enjoying The Cosmetic And Functional Value Of A Dental Prosthetic

A dental prosthetic can make it possible for you to enjoy your complete smile again. Your restoration from your dentist can fit with the appearance of your natural teeth, so the work you receive looks natural. When you have a permanent prosthetic, you can count on it for basic tasks, meaning you will have functional improvement, too.