Can You Enjoy Beautiful Smile Restorations?

Can You Enjoy Beautiful Smile Restorations?Are you concerned that you might need restorative dentistry, not because of the visit itself, but because of how your smile might look following the appointment? If it has been several years since you last had restorative dental work completed, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that restorations no longer come in a one-material suits all option, in other words metal. Instead, many dentists now offer seamless smile solutions, such as tooth-colored fillings and natural-looking porcelain crowns. So, not only can you enjoy improved oral health and comfort. You could even enjoy the confidence that comes from a beautifully restored smile!

Don’t Ignore Symptoms of Decay and Other Dental Problems

While knowing there are beautiful restorative options now available can help inspire confidence in scheduling restorative dentistry, there are also compelling reasons to do. Perhaps most importantly is the fact that teeth lack the ability to repair themselves. This means that over time, most dental issues will only worsen without treatment. Restoration can help to mitigate the impact of dental problems, like cavities, while also helping to restore comfort and function to your smile.

Enjoy Comfortable and Confidence-Inducing Restorations

In the case of cavities the dentist is likely to recommend a natural-looking dental filling made of a composite resin material. This material is used because it bonds tightly with teeth, creating a great seal, but also because it can be sculpted to blend nearly seamlessly within the smile. Porcelain dental crowns can also be crafted to look natural, while creating durable restorations!

In Need of Restorative Dental Treatment?

Restorative dentistry can help to protect teeth made fragile by decay and trauma. You can schedule your restorative appointment, today, with Dr. Okoniewski at Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI, by calling (248) 852-1820.