Could Healthy Snacks Actually Help Your Smile?

Could Healthy Snacks Actually Help Your Smile?You might think that snacking is bad for your smile. After all, many dentists regularly warn their clients about chewing on sugary treats throughout the day, which can certainly increase the likelihood of developing cavities. Fortunately, when it comes to snacks, not all are created equal. In fact, there are actually many smile-friendly snack choices that could actually help you keep your smile cavity-free and healthy. You just need to know which make the smartest dietary – and dental – choices, and to make sure you also see your dentist regularly for preventive care, of course.

What Should You Eat, for Healthy Teeth?

Sugary treats are bad for teeth, because the bacteria in the mouth feed on sugar. Therefore, the more if it you consume on a regular basis, the more likely you are to suffer form a wide variety of dental problems, including cavities.

Since simple starches, including chips and crackers, break down quickly into sugar, they can also be problematic for teeth.

However, there are still plenty of healthy options for satisfying mid-day cravings healthfully, in ways that can still help you ace your next dental exam.

  • Looking for something crunchy? Celery sticks and carrots are among the best choices for your smile, because of their high fiber content. They’re also rich in vitamins, and can be a great alternative to chips or crackers.
  • If you want to add flavor, without a lot of sugar, consider using a nut butter, hummus or yogurt-based dressed for dipping!
  • Have a sweet tooth? Instead of reaching for a candy bar, or even a granola bar, why not opt for fresh fruit? It’s still sweet, but the high water content helps make fruit a much healthier choice. Just avoid chewing on highly acidic fruits, like lemons, since they can erode your teeth’s enamel.

Need to Schedule a Preventive Appointment?

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