Toothbrush Topics: 3 Things To Remember

What would you say if we asked you if you’re using the best toothbrush for your oral health? Would you be able to defend your most recent purchase? Do you know if your toothbrush is in wonderful condition or if it’s perhaps a bit shabby and should have been tossed a long time ago? If you’re uncertain, don’t fret! Many people are unaware that there are some simple dental hygiene details that can lead to greatly improved brushing, simply as it applies to one’s toothbrush. Today, of course, we are happy to share!

#1: It Doesn’t Last Forever

It’s important that you remember your toothbrush does not last forever. Even if you’re a gentle brusher and you take very good care of your dental hygiene products, your oral health will stop reaping the benefits it needs from your bristles by about the third or fourth month. Just remember that you need a new brush this frequently, so you can cleanse your teeth to the best of your ability.

#2: Bristles Should Always Be Soft

If you’re not using soft bristles, you’re doing a huge disservice to your teeth and gums. Hard bristles, firm bristles, medium bristles: Whatever they are, if they are not “soft,” they are too firm. The result? They can end up abrading and wearing down your enamel. They can also aggravate gum tissue so much that it recedes. Stick with soft for excellent oral health.

#3: ADA Acceptance Is Meaningful

If you have often wondered if an ADA (American Dental Association) approved toothbrush really means anything, it does! It means that you know for sure the brush will benefit your smile (so you’re not stuck simply hoping and wondering).

Protect Your Teeth With Dental Hygiene Suggestions

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