When Lips Are More Than Chapped

It’s one thing to have chapped lips. It’s quite another to deal with lips that are cracking, peeling, and even bleeding. They may feel inflamed and uncomfortable. You may find that even when you do what you think you should be doing to protect this part of your oral health, nothing seems to work. What are you supposed to do when even your valiant efforts do not pay off? We have some answers that can steer you toward the lip comfort that you’re missing.

Stop Licking

You might be causing your problem without even realizing it. Unfortunately, particularly in cold, dry weather, when you keep licking your lips, you end up irritating them and drying them out.

Don’t Pick

When you pick your lips and pull the skin, you are leading yourself toward unnecessary complications. Since your fingertips may have bacteria (most definitely do have bacteria) on them, you can end up infecting your lip. You may also injure your lip tissue. Don’t touch the area unless you’ve washed your hands and are applying a product to heal the issue.

Call Us

Treating your oral health problems is what we do! When you can’t get your lip health back to the appropriate level, we encourage you to call us. There are some things you may have no experience with and treatments you may require from a professional!

Be Wise With Products

Remember that petrolatum can help create a barrier to keep moisture in. However, if you don’t have moist lips, this won’t help you. Seek out a treatment for this oral health issue formulated to add moisture to your tissues until we see you.

Treat Lips With Our Care To Heal Problems

Schedule time to see us about your lip health if you cannot re-hydrate your tissues on your own. To schedule an appointment or initial consultation, call Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.