Oral Piercings: 3 Things To Remember

Are you interested in an oral piercing but there’s part of you that thinks it’s probably wise to learn a bit more about the possible reason to decide against this accessory? If so, you have come to the right place! While this is a very personal decision, we would simply like to remind you of the possible side effects that can impact your oral health. With some further information in hand, you can make an informed choice for yourself!

#1: They’re Unpredictable

It’s one thing to get an earring, for the tissue to swell, and for you to have to deal with the issue until the inflammation subsides. It’s an entirely different issue, however, when you receive an oral piercing. When you receive a piercing in your tongue, for instance, if this tissue swells, it can actually block your ability to breathe in severe cases. Keep this in mind as you’re deciding whether or not the choice is for you.

#2: They Can Break Teeth

It may seem like a bar through the center of your tongue can’t cause much of a problem. However, once it’s in place, you may discover that you frequently (either intentionally or unintentionally) end up with the oral piercing making contact with your teeth. One false move or strange angle and strong impact and you can chip or crack a tooth.

#3: They Can Become Infected

What do you get when you combine an open wound with bacteria? If you guessed “infection” then you are correct! It’s possible, of course, to keep an oral piercing clean as it heals and thereafter. However, it’s important that you realize this will require daily dedication if you plan on receiving a piercing and protecting your oral health.

Learn More From Us Regarding The Safety Of Oral Piercings

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