What Happens If I Stop Flossing?

Maybe you are someone who has always flossed just like we suggest but you wonder what would happen if you stopped. Then again, maybe you have never been dedicated to this very important facet of your dental hygiene and you’re wondering what problems that you’ve experienced (or may experience in the future) are related to this choice. Solving this mystery is very easy! Discover in the process why flossing is such a big deal for your oral health and you may feel more serious about becoming committed to it!

Gum Disease Happens

Visualize your smile for a moment. Think about the place where your gum tissue meets your teeth. You can slide your floss just beneath this tissue. Do you know what else can end up beneath your gingival tissue? Bacteria! When you floss, you pull bacteria, plaque, and food out. When you don’t floss, it remains in there. An accumulation of this buildup will lead toward gum disease. Practice flossing during dental hygiene to keep gums healthy.

Between-The-Teeth Cavities Happen

Cavities can happen to any part of your tooth! That means when you don’t floss between teeth during your dental hygiene, you leave bacteria there to soften your enamel. Over time, cavities will form between your teeth. The simple act of flossing will prevent such decay.

Bad Breath Happens

We have been talking a lot about bacteria that builds up beneath gum tissue and between teeth. In addition to causing damage, this will cause unfriendly odors that translate as bad breath. Floss during dental hygiene to help your smile stay in the fresh-smelling zone!

Avoid Problems With Your Smile By Following Our Flossing Suggestions

Don’t forget to floss if you want a healthy smile! Need help? Just remember to ask us for tips. To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.