Things That Can Irritate Your Gum Tissue

What you want for your oral health is to keep your teeth and gums healthy and safe. You know lots of different ways that you can protect your teeth from irritation, aggravation, decay, and the list goes on. However, you might not know quite as much about how to keep your gum tissue from experiencing problems. Good news: Our Auburn Hills, MI team is well versed in those factors that can irritate your gums. Remember, when you’re protecting your gum health, you want this tissue to remain calm, comfortable, and free of bacterial buildup! So, let’s help you as you get on your way toward a mouth that’s completely healthy!

Spicy Foods

While spicy foods may not necessarily negatively affect your gum health, they can absolutely irritate your gums. If you are dealing with any type of irritation or inflammation already, such as gingivitis or even a tiny abrasion, spice will quickly cause the area to feel worse and to become more swollen. When your gums aren’t in perfect condition or you notice certain spices aggravate your mouth, skip them and opt for blander options instead!

Hot Foods

Very hot foods, just like you have likely already recognized in the past, can do quite a number on your oral tissues. If you have ever bitten into too-hot pizza or sipped some way-too-hot tea, you know that it can really hurt. It can also burn your gum tissue and other soft tissues, leaving you with some stinging, inflammation, and discomfort. We suggest you always give your food and drinks time to cool first!

Excessive Brushing

Excessive brushing is something that can definitely interrupt your gum health. When you brush too frequently or too aggressively, your gums “notice” it and they start to try to pull away. It aggravates them. When they pull further away from your teeth, they expose more and more of your dental root tissue. Eventually, you’ll have gum recession and sensitivity to deal with. Brush two times a day and be very gentle to avoid this type of problem for your smile!

Avoiding Your Care

When you avoid care, you leave bacteria in contact with your gums. This can quickly snowball into a serious issue for your gum health, as you will not only deal with irritation but also gum disease. Brush, floss, see us, and keep it up to keep gum tissue healthy!

See Us For Help With Improving Gum Health

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