Very Good Reasons To Stop Nail Biting

If you occasionally nibble a hangnail, then you’re not really a nail biter. However, if you are someone who bites your nails on a regular basis (perhaps daily), then this is considered a habit and, as far as our Auburn Hills, MI team is concerned, a bad one at that! What’s so bad about nibbling your nails, you wonder? After all, you have learned to live with fingers that could look a little nicer but you’re okay with it! The truth is, biting your fingernails can become a problem for your oral health and can cause additional problems. Find out more from us regarding why it’s a very, very good idea to stop!

It Isn’t Great For Your Jaws

Remember that the force that your jaw joints provide is quite significant. When you use them to chew a bit of your nail away, you’re using a lot of strength and you’re focused on one small area. Unfortunately, this can exacerbate or even lead to TMJ issues like TMJ disorder. Don’t let this happen to your oral health.

It May Make Bruxism Worse

Already dealing with bruxism? Well, if you’re prone to chewing on your nails, you’re probably going to make things worse, rather than better. What you want is to let your muscles relax, rather than having them move at full speed, firing off for several minutes at a time. This encourages the problem to continue, rather than training muscles to relax.

It Can Harm Your Teeth (Really!)

You really can end up cracking your teeth when you continue to bite your fingernails. Teeth can only withstand so much pressure until they break under it. Remember, this can also pose a threat to artificial tissue, as well! So, it’s best to find a way to handle your biting concern, so your long-term oral health avoids complications.

You’re Eating All Of Those Germs!

Since we’re just into the very beginning of what we consider cold and flu season at the moment, this is certainly a relevant point! Remember that whatever type of germs you’ve picked up on your fingers and beneath your nails are ending up in your mouth if you are a nail biter. Our team suggests you remain mindful of this fact, particularly as a very good reason to stop this habit that can hurt your oral health because it can hurt your general well being, too!

See Us For Help With Habits

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