Dental Care: The Order Of Things!

There’s no doubt about one thing: You know that all smiles, including yours, require dental care. However, there may be some confusion as far as you are concerned regarding in which order you have to receive that care. You might ask, can you just start with teeth whitening and take care of your cavities later? Does it really matter at all? Fortunately, helping you better understand “the order of things” is something our Auburn Hills, MI team can do with ease!

Prevention: It Should Always Be Happening

Patients often ask whether they should be coming in for dental cleanings and checkups even if they have existing problems like cavities. They wonder, is it worth brushing and flossing if one’s smile is already experiencing problems? The answer is always going to be that you should practice preventive dental care at home (and at our practice) always and forever, without ceasing, no matter what. Now that is some straightforward clarity!

Restorative Care: It Must Come Before Cosmetic Care

So, can restorative dental care coincide with preventive care, you ask? Refer for this detail to the aforementioned information: Prevention is something that’s always protecting your smile. Remember, just because you already have a cavity doesn’t mean you cannot also develop additional problems! So, keep that smile nice and clean. As for the order of things in regard to where restorative needs fall when the question of cosmetic improvement is brought up? You must always follow through with fixing your oral health before we prioritize making your smile look better.

Cosmetic Dentistry: It Comes Last (After Oral Health Needs)

As mentioned, it’s always oral health first and then esthetics. Consider the fact that improvements for your smile health are time sensitive. If you wait too long, tooth decay can become an infection that can spread and lead to tooth loss! If you wait on fixing your stained teeth, you can still treat the stains later without major repercussions. In addition, attempting a cosmetic improvement on an unwell tooth or smile could make matters worse. However, once you have a clean bill of oral health, you’re free to then focus on the visual side of things!

See Us For Complete Dental Care

Receive complete dental care from our practice, as we prioritize your oral health to ensure your smile is on track to remain in good condition for many years to come. Interested in cosmetic care, too? We’ve got it. To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.