Adulting 101: Laundry And Linens

Do you have teens who are showing lots of interest in helping out around the house? Maybe you have older teens ready to head off to college and they could really use a quick review of all of the essentials that can help them succeed when they’re away from home! If your kids love a community event, then you might want to tip them off to the upcoming Adulting 101: Laundry and Linens session in our Auburn Hills, MI community! They’ll gather up lots of new knowledge and might even be able to show you something new!

About The Event

Do your kids need a little bit of help getting the facts and methods of laundry and linen care down pat? If so, this is a fantastic way for them to pick up the details, tips, and tricks that are so important for making life easy! From how to wash clothes and linens, dry clothes and linens, fold everything, which products to use, how to use laundry equipment, and more, your teens will learn all about it!

Event Location

Your teens may meet up with other community teenagers for this informative event by heading to the Auburn Hills Public Library, located at:

3400 E Seyburn Dr
Auburn Hills, MI 48326

Event Date And Time

This Adulting 101 event will take place on May 6th, 2019 from 7:30pm to 8:30pm.

Event Admission


Invite List

Teens 15 years of age and older are invited to participate.

Event Contact Info

For more information about the upcoming Adulting 101 event, you may contact the library at (248) 370-9466!

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