Calling All Ice Enthusiasts: Watch For Smile Damage!

Are you something of an ice enthusiast? No, we don’t mean that you tend to hoard ice, name your ice cubes, or make elaborate ice sculptures! In the dental world and at our Auburn Hills, MI practice, our concern is whether you enjoy eating ice and whether this might be a pretty regular snack for you. Why, you ask? Well, because ice isn’t a very good choice. It may seem like it, considering its absence of calories and it’s refreshing, long-lasting, hydrating effect as you eat it. Unfortunately, unlike drinking a tall glass of water, you’re actually putting your oral health at risk with ice. Let’s stroll through a handful of important details for you to consider!

You Can Crack A Tooth

Plain and simple, you figure that you can crack through the ice you’re eating with your teeth because you’ve done so a million times before. However, when ice is too frozen, too solid, your tooth is weak and you don’t realize it, or the stars happen to align just right, you could end up with a cracked tooth. Unfortunately, this type of damage may cause you to require a dental crown, a root canal and a crown, or even an extraction if the crack is quite deep! To avoid all of this not-very-pleasant and easily prevented damage, simply choose to avoid eating ice.

You Can Wear Down Your Teeth

Yes, when you eat ice, you can end up with a serious oral health problem by literally breaking your teeth. With that said, it’s also possible to experience the slow and steady progression of damage that won’t be noticeable for a while. However, over time, it can make your smile look less attractive, can make chewing difficult, and can lead to widespread sensitivity. Snacking on ice can cause your teeth to wear down, something we refer to as erosion. As your enamel (and possible other layers of tissue) erode, your teeth become extremely weak!

You Can Stress Your TMJs, Too

You need the help of your forceful, very strong jaw joints to help you chew through ice because it’s very hard and resistant! It’s very impressive, of course, that your TMJs can handle this. However, this begs the oral health question: Can they really handle it? You may not realize it but when you eat ice, you’re asking too much of your jaw joints. You may strain them, injure them, exhaust them, and end up developing TMJ disorder (or making matters worse, if this already affects you). Yes, we offer treatment. However, why not simply avoid the need for it by finding a different snack?

Protect Teeth With Simple Advice

Remember to follow the suggestions we offer in terms of protecting your smile from damage and you’ll be on the road toward a smile that remains healthy! Have questions about your snack choices? Just ask! To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.