Dental Infection: How Can I Tell? What To Do?

Here’s the important thing you need to realize about tooth infections: You cannot always tell that you have one. That means, sometimes you’ll have a pretty good idea. Other times, you may have no clue at all (more on that later…). With that said, you may wonder what on earth you’re supposed to do to find out what’s happening with your smile and how to treat it, should an infection affect you! It might sound confusing upon initial introduction but we remind you that our Auburn Hills, MI team is here to help simplify your care. Get to know more and you’ll feel ready for anything!

There May Be Telltale Symptoms

We are happy to explain to you that sometimes, you will recognize obvious symptoms of a potentially infected tooth (that should alert you it’s time to give our team a call). What types of symptoms are they? Remember, though they may also be symptoms of other issues, when the following changes occur, it can point to infected tissue:

  • You have what seems like a bump or pimple on your gum that seems to come and go
  • You have very bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth
  • When you bite down, it hurts
  • Chewing hurts
  • You are dealing with heightened sensitivity to hot and cold
  • You experience pain (it may include throbbing)

There May Be No Symptoms At All!

Now, on the other hand, you might not pick up on even a single symptom that could alert you to a possible tooth infection. This might cause you some serious concern but we can quickly clear that up for you. Remember, when you’re practicing excellent dental care for yourself, you’re following through on comprehensive prevention, which includes not only brushing and flossing but also seeing us two times a year! During those visits, we can and we examine your smile. If an infection is present, we will let you know and offer treatment.

Receiving Essential Care

When you determine with our team that you do, in fact, have a dental infection, we remind you that generally speaking, the treatment we will offer is a root canal. This restorative treatment allows to save your tooth by removing infection and impacted material. Placing a beautiful dental crown can complete your restoration, so your tooth is whole and healthy again!

Treat Infections ASAP With Our Care

When you discover that you have a tooth infection, our team encourages you to visit us right away for improvement! Treating infection with a root canal may rescue your tooth and protect your oral health. To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.