The Better Way To Get Whiter Teeth 

We encourage you to remember that there’s a better way to achieve a whiter smile and then there are some approaches that aren’t going to get you what you want (and that can even cause you some problems with your oral health). Why not make sure you’re on a pathway that will lead you toward checking off everything you want for your grin, from a brighter, beautiful appearance, to protection for the well being of your tissues? Our Auburn Hills, MI team can help you sort out the details with great ease. Let’s go!

Bought It Yourself? Don’t Do It.

If you bought any manner of teeth whitening treatment for yourself, we suggest you don’t use it. Maybe you heard great things about it. Perhaps you watched a video that showed remarkable results. It might be a light-based technological device or the application of bleaching gel. No matter the details, always remember that your pathway toward safe, effective cosmetic care and the results you’re after is seeing us!

Heard About A Remedy? Not Worth It.

Maybe you haven’t necessarily purchased a treatment for teeth whitening. However, what you have done is heard about a remedy that you can perform at home with ease (such as mixing something up in the kitchen, trying charcoal toothpaste, etc.) and it seems safe because it’s made of natural ingredients. Again: Bad idea. Just because it’s simple or natural doesn’t mean it won’t cause harm. Lemon juice? Abrasive ingredients? No good.

Coming In For Professional Care? Now You’re Talking.

When what you want is teeth whitening, you should come in. Maybe we will determine that this popular treatment is what you need. Maybe we’ll find out that you’re actually an even better match for porcelain veneers! In any case, receiving professionally administered cosmetic care will ensure you’re safe, you’re going to be happy with your results, and you will not have accidentally wasted your time with home approaches!

Start With A Consultation

So, how to get started with professional teeth brightening, you wonder? What if you don’t know what treatment you want or need? Fortunately, all you need to be certain of is that you’d like a whiter looking smile. We will provide you with the rest of the information you need! Call us soon to set up a consultation and you’ll be well on your way.

Get Your Smile Looking Bright

When you’re ready to enjoy a much whiter smile, thanks to the removal or camouflaging of stains, we encourage you to come in for the professional care that offers stellar, safe results! To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.