When Saving Your Smile Means Removing a Tooth

Tooth extraction concept with an array of stainless steel dental tools and a mask with the extracted tooth clasped in the pincers and reflected in the mirrorWhile dental complications are typically the last thing one would want to have to deal with. Advanced technology has made it possible to address concerns at nearly every level in order to prevent tooth loss. From cavity fillings to root canals and everything in-between, there is typically a procedure or process to help. In some instances, however, decay can progress so severely that the only viable option left is to consider extraction. In today’s blog, your Auburn Hills, MI dentist will talk about cases in which extraction is necessary to preserve your oral health.

Time Will Not Stop Decay

Whether you are aware of it or not, oral bacteria are present in your smile at all times. How much damage they cause your grin, however, is determined by the level of preventive dental care you practice at home. That being said, decay often results when oral bacteria secrete harmful acids that actively work to break down your healthy structure. They will weaken an area until finally a hole is formed known as a cavity. From here if you do not seek treatment, the hole will begin to enlarge as decay spreads, moving deeper into the structure and affecting the inner pulp and nerves. As this continues, eventually it will completely consume your entire tooth, compromising the structure beyond saving. Once this step has been accomplished, your only viable option is extraction.

Your Other Teeth are in Danger

A thought that may have crossed your mind is “if it is already going to fall out because it is compromised, why extract it?” The truth is, bacteria continue to spread, and even if one tooth is currently the only problem, your surrounding teeth are sure to follow. In cases such as these, a dental extraction is necessary in order to save your other teeth and prevent the infection from holding your entire smile hostage.

Your Next Step Forward

While losing a tooth is the last thing that you – or even your dentist – want to endure, bear in mind that it may be the only option you have. Your problems will not stop there, however, as missing teeth can cause a variety of other problems and complications as well, specifically functional ones. Indeed, your next best step will involve seeking a dental implant to replace your lost tooth so that function can once again be restored. This helps your smile keep up with activities such as biting, chewing, eating, and enunciating. For more information, reach out to our team today.

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