Preventing And Treating Your Tooth Decay

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When was the last time you received a dental checkup to clean and examine your smile? If it has been more than half a year since your last visit, please schedule an appointment to help safeguard your smile. Regular cleanings and exams help to prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and other problems that result from the buildup of dental plaque. And when these problems do occur, your consistent attendance can detect them much earlier than when they continue to grow in scope.

At your Auburn Hills, MI dental practice, we stress the importance of regularly scheduled visits to help stop cavities in their tracks. While your daily oral hygiene habits form the backbone of your fight against decay, our professional services can go above and beyond the capabilities of your brush and floss. By combining our efforts, we can prevent damage to your enamel and reverse it as soon as we make a discovery.

How Oral Bacteria Damage Your Teeth

Every day we consume foods that can contribute to the growth of oral bacteria that form plaque on the surfaces of our teeth. As bacteria feed on bits and pieces of our favorite snacks, they produce acidic waste products that dissolve the protective layer of our tooth’s enamel. Left untreated, plaque can cause significant enough damage that permanent holes, or cavities, form in the surface of our teeth. The damage does not stop here, as opening your tooth’s surface reveals the inner layers of dentin and your pulp chamber to possible infection. This could lead to the need for a root canal or other invasive procedure if you do not regularly visit our practice to protect your teeth.

Treating A Cavity

Depending on the size and scope of your cavity, we could place a dental filling or crown to remove your decay and restore the shape of your tooth. Using composite resin, we can create a restoration that matches the shade of your natural teeth to return the beauty of your grin with no sign of your decay. To care for your repaired tooth, continue practicing your regular oral hygiene activities. At subsequent visits, we will inspect the status of your filling or crown to ensure its stability in your bite. If you experience damage to a restoration, let us know right away so we may return the protective seal of your tooth.

Speak With Your Auburn Hills, MI Dentist About Strategies To Prevent Dental Damage

When you visit our practice regularly, we can help you prevent damage to your smile with routine cleanings and exams. If we notice a cavity at these appointments, we can provide a restoration to return the strength of your smile. Give us a call at Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI at (248) 852-1820 and schedule your examination and cleaning with our team.