Quiz: Restorations With Dental Crowns

quiz restorations with dental crownsWhen you need restorative dental work, your dentist will work to ensure that you leave with your mouth fully restored. In some cases, treatment for a problem – like a cavity – can leave your tooth too depleted to function effectively. For these situations, your dentist can place a dental crown on the tooth in question. Crowns can fully protect your vulnerable tooth, and are strong enough to be used in routine biting and chewing (meaning you should not feel the need to “protect” it). CEREC technology has made it possible to have your crown in less time, so that you can complete the restorative process sooner.

True Or False: CEREC Dental Crowns Can Be Produced And Placed In One Visit

True! CEREC provides your dentist with the technology to have your crown made in your dentist’s office, meaning you can have the crown measured, made, and fitted in one appointment. Without CEREC, a dentist would have to send your measurements for a crown to a dental lab, and would have to wait for the crown to be constructed.

True Or False: The Only Time You Will Need A Crown For A Cavity Is When You Undergo A Root Canal

False! Crowns will sometimes be needed for larger cavities, even when a root canal is not performed.

True Or False: CEREC Crowns Are Made From A Metal Amalgam Material

False! CEREC stands for Chairside Economic Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics – your CEREC crown will be made with ceramic. This material offers durability with the added benefit of a lifelike appearance. Your crown can be difficult to distinguish from its neighbors, and it can even reflect light like your enamel.