Better Comfort And Function After A Dental Crown

better-comfort-and-function-after-receiving-a-dental-crownRestoring a problem tooth should result in its being able to function like normal. That means you should be able to use your restored tooth to bite and chew, just as you could before it developed issues. Your dentist can also provide restorative dental work that preserves the integrity of your smile. When you receive a CEREC dental crown, you can count on real support for a tooth, as well as the preservation of your appearance. This is because your crown will be made with ceramic, which is strong enough to undergo biting and chewing forces, but natural-looking enough to blend in with your neighboring teeth.

The Process Of Receiving A CEREC Dental Crown

CEREC technology allows you to receive the restorative aid you need in less time. While a patient would normally have to go in for two appointments to receive a crown, a CEREC crown is available in a single visit. During that time, your dentist will prepare your tooth, and document the necessary measurements for the crown. On-hand equipment will be used to design the crown, and have it constructed at the office. Once it has been made, the crown can be placed permanently on your tooth.

Using Preventive Dental Visits To Stop Problems Early

If you attend regular dental checkups, you can lower the odds you will need a crown to support a problem tooth. During a checkup, your dentist is on the lookout for any issues that will need their care. If a cavity is found in time, the necessary fix may only be a dental filling. Your dentist can also spot worrying signs, and help you prevent cavities from forming.