Using A Dental Crown To Support A Tooth After A Root Canal

using-a-dental-crown-to-support-a-tooth-after-a-root-canalA root canal treatment targets, and removes, problems within your tooth. You might need to undergo this procedure after an injury does internal damage. Many patients who need a root canal are seeking help to eliminate a cavity that has infiltrated their pulp. After your tooth has been put through this procedure, your dentist will need to provide permanent support in the form of a dental crown. The crown covers up the tooth after it has undergone work, and can handle biting and chewing tasks. A CEREC crown is made with ceramic, so that it fits in with your surrounding teeth.

CEREC Technology Ensures Your Restoration Is Available Sooner

A crown produced with CEREC technology offers cosmetic benefits. The ceramic material looks enough like your enamel for it to fit in with your smile. One other big advantage to using this technology is that you will enjoy your restoration sooner. Your dentist can design and produce your crown at the office. This eliminates the requirement to plan out two separate visits, as there is no need to wait for a lab to craft your crown.

Take Steps To Avoid Needing A Root Canal In The Future

With good oral care and a commitment to attending regular dental checkups, you will be less likely to need a root canal in the future. If you have a history of troubles with tooth decay, you may want to examine your habits to see what might be causing harm to your teeth. At regular visits, your dentist can monitor the ongoing health of your teeth, and treat problems before they leave you needing a root canal.