Is Your Gingivitis More Serious Than You Think?

When some oral health concerns develop, they don’t always seem like the potentially serious problems they can later become. For example, one of the most consequential oral health concerns is severe gum disease, which is also the leading cause of tooth loss and, in some cases, a significant systemic health risk. However, before gum disease becomes that severe, it first starts as a relatively minor condition known as gingivitis. Unlike its more severe stage, gingivitis doesn’t always cause highly noticeable symptoms, which may fool you into believing that it isn’t that serious of a concern.

You won’t see how bad it is at first

The fact that gingivitis isn’t obvious at first is one of the main factors in why it’s often allowed to progress before patients address it. For instance, there are symptoms that can indicate your gums have become infected with oral bacteria, such as redness and slight swelling in certain areas of your gum tissues. However, this rarely causes your gum tissues to hurt, or is noticeable enough to cause alarm. Because of this, patients may ignore the warning signs, or put off talking to their dentists about it until later.

Dealing with it soon matters

Despite the seemingly minor symptoms of early gingivitis, the damage that it can cause to your gums and periodontal tissues can become increasingly more severe every day that you ignore it. This damage includes the systematic erosion of the gum tissues that cover and protect your teeth roots, as well as to the ligaments that secure your teeth roots within their sockets in your jawbone. The level of damage to these structures grows more severe as gum disease progresses, and by the time many people do seek treatment for their gum disease, tooth loss may already have occurred.

When you’re sure it’s gingivitis

Any sign that you notice that could potentially indicate trouble with your gum health should be cause for concern. Once your dentist diagnoses your gingivitis, you can actively work to control the condition and prevent it from causing more significant damage to your periodontal and oral health. When it’s treated early, such as with periodontal cleaning (or scaling and root planing), you can stop gingivitis early enough to avoid the need for more extensive periodontal treatment.

Learn how to stop gingivitis from getting worse

The development of gingivitis can be more serious than you realize. Fortunately, we can help you take control of it by treating it early. To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI, today at (248) 852-1820.