Understanding Root Canal Therapy

PrintIn our most recent blog post, we discussed the many functions of a dental crown restoration, including how it can be used in a versatile manner to address specific needs. While preventive dentistry is the name of the game in terms of keeping your structures safe, restorative practices are needed to help restore infected or damaged structures back to their previous levels of health. Even still, sometimes an infection spreads faster than you might have initially expected, requiring treatment that is a bit more extensive in nature. In today’s blog, your Auburn Hills, MI dentist looks at the root canal process and describes how it can be used to save your tooth from extraction.

Infection Spreading Inward

Whether you were aware of it or not, oral bacteria are present in every smile. Indeed, the goal is not to completely rid the mouth of bacteria – as that is virtually impossible – but to keep them at a minimum so that oral infections have a less likely chance of occurring.

Taking a look at the most common of bacteria concerns – tooth decay – we see that this phenomenon begins when bacteria nestle into the hard-to-clean areas of the mouth and feed off of food particles that are present between teeth. When these microorganisms feed off of sugar, in particular, it causes them to produce a destructive acid that erodes a hole into the inner portion of your tooth.

Without proper treatment, your cavity will only worsen as the infection spreads inside of the tooth. Here, you will begin to experience noticeable discomfort, sensitivity, and pain. Fortunately, restorative treatment such as root canal therapy can help. To learn more about this process, contact our team today.

Complicating Oral Function

Not only does decay impact your tooth’s structure, but it can contribute to functional complications as well. For instance, when the infection reaches the inner portion of the tooth, it begins to target your sensitive nerves that are housed in your teeth roots. This damage contributes to the discomfort, sensitivity, and pain previously discussed, and once these elements are introduced, attempting to bite, chew, or eat is made much more of a chore than it should be. Contact our team to learn more about this process.

What to Expect from Treatment

Tooth loss is the last thing a person wants, and if the infection is caught in a timely manner, there is a chance that your tooth can be saved with a root canal procedure. This process allows our team to carefully remove the infection and fill the open canals with dental material to help reinforce structural support.

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