3 Issues With Tooth Loss A Dental Implant Can Solve

Tooth loss is one of the most drastic changes that can take place with your smile, and your overall dental condition. If you suffer from this issue, you can experience a number of different adverse effects. One of the most obvious changes can be to your appearance. Simply put, you may have a hard time feeling confident about showing off a smile with even one missing tooth. Of course, there are also real oral health concerns that you should take seriously. You can have functional problems, and even experience difficulties with your jaw! Dental implants have become popular with dentists and patients because they offer a serious solution to the problem of tooth loss, and can help your smile look and feel complete again.

1. Difficulty With Biting, Chewing, And Speaking

The operation of your jaw can be altered by the loss of even one tooth. You may have to modify how you bite and chew, or even how you talk! The presence of an implant-supported restoration can help you perform these tasks comfortably again. Over time, those compromised functions can lead to problems like TMJ dysfunction.

2. Negative Feelings About The Appearance Of Your Smile

A smile is a big part of your overall appearance, and its quality can have a real impact on your smile. Using a dental implant to support a natural-looking restoration can make it possible for you to feel good about how you look when you smile again.

3. Jawbone Resorption

Jawbone resorption refers to an issue where your jaw, without stimulation provided by teeth roots, will lose mass over time. Dental implants produce that stimulation, which encourages the proper delivery of nutrients to the bone.

Solve Problems Related To Tooth Loss By Receiving A Dental Implant!

Tooth loss can seriously impact your smile, and your oral health. Using a dental implant to support a prosthetic can allow you to enjoy a permanent, stable replacement for a missing tooth. Your dentist can take a look at your jaw, and talk to you about what the placement procedure can entail. To learn more about what sets our office apart from the rest, or to set an appointment or initial consultation, call Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.