A Tooth Extraction Could Restore Your Smile

Auburn Hills, MI, dentist offers tooth extractions In most cases, your dentist will prioritize keeping your natural pearly whites for as long as possible. If you have experienced damage like decay or an injury, restorations can help treat the problem and protect your tooth. In some cases, though, removing the structure may be the best way to protect your oral health. Today, Advanced Dental in Auburn Hills, MI, explains when and why an extraction may be necessary.

If Your Tooth Cannot Be Repaired

As mentioned above, there are many treatments available to restore your smile if it has been harmed. One of the most common types of damage to your pearly whites is decay. You can prevent decay by practicing proper oral hygiene and visiting your dentist biannually. If a cavity is detected, a simple dental filling can help treat the problem. If cavities are left untreated, they can continue to wear away the layers of your dental structures. Root canals can often treat severe decay, but if you have had a root canal done to the same area or the pulp has died, it may be best to take the tooth out completely.

Dental crowns can help repair injuries like chips and cracks. We can complete this in a same-day appointment so that you can get back to your day. Unfortunately, though, if the break is too serious, a crown may not be able to renew the function of your tooth. Instead, your dentist may recommend taking out the structure and replacing it with a prosthetic option.

Before Wisdom Teeth Cause Problems

Our third molars, also known as our wisdom teeth, are one of the most common structures that patients have removed. These structures develop later than your other teeth and can cause several problems for your smile. Since these come in later, it can cause your other pearly whites to shift out of alignment. When they begin to erupt, it can cause sensitivity and discomfort in the area. In some cases, these molars can become impacted. When this happens, it means that the structure cannot fully erupt. During your biannual dentist appointments, your team will take X-rays of your oral cavity. This can help monitor the growth of your pearly whites and determine the best time to remove them.

Before having the structure removed, the area will be numbed, and sedation may be available for patients. The structures will be gently extracted, and the area will be closed. A simple extraction may include taking out one tooth during the procedure. If you are having your wisdom teeth taken out, up to four of these molars can be removed. The healing time for these procedures will vary depending on how many were taken out.

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