CEREC Crowns Offer Same Day Restorations

Auburn Hills, MI, dentist offers same-day crowns Harming a tooth can be a painful interruption for your day. When this happens, it is important to have it treated as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI, offers CEREC crowns that can repair your pearly white in less time. This means that the function and appearance can be renewed, and you can spend less time at the dentist.

The Difference Between CEREC And Traditional Crowns

In the past, receiving a dental crown could take several weeks. You would need to have impressions taken by your dentist and sent to a lab. Then, the lab would custom create the custom cap for your needs. In the meantime, a temporary one would be placed to protect the area. With our same-day technology, the cap can be crafted in our office right away. Measurements will be taken and sent right to the milling machine. It will be made of porcelain, zirconia, or porcelain-fused-to-metal, just as a traditional cap would be. The material used will be determined based on where it will be placed. For example, your molars will usually receive a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown for extra strength. With proper maintenance, your CEREC crown can last for many years. By having this restoration done in the same day, it can reduce the chances of your tooth becoming damaged further or infected. After having it placed, you will continue to care for your smile as usual. Follow your regular oral hygiene routine and continue seeing your dentist biannually to prevent cavities and other concerns.

If The Damage Cannot Be Repaired

In most cases, damage to your tooth can be repaired with proper restorations. Cavities can often be treated with a simple dental filling. This stops decay from wearing down your enamel and restores your tooth. If the cavity is severe, a root canal treatment can relieve discomfort and bring your tooth back to health. Injuries such as cracks, chips, or severe wear can be remedied with a crown. However, if the damage is severe, other means of restoration may be necessary. Extractions, for instance, may be used as a last resort if your tooth has been severely damaged. If this is required, you will be sedated before the structure is gently removed. Your dentist can also discuss replacement options so that the function and appearance of your smile is not interrupted. Bridges, dentures, and implants are options that can mimic your missing tooth. Every patient is different, and your prosthetic will be chosen based on your unique needs.

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