Protect Yourself Against Tooth Loss

Tooth loss can deal a significant blow to a person’s confidence, and seriously undermine their oral function. We often associate healthy teeth with good health overall – the absence of teeth can hurt a person’s appearance, and make them appear less healthy. The functional disadvantages can make life more difficult whenever you attempt to chew, bite, or speak. While good oral care may not improve your luck enough to ensure you never lose a tooth in an accident, it can make it easier to protect yourself against tooth loss caused by poor oral health. If you have suffered tooth loss, a dental implant can support a replacement tooth, and help you regain dental function, and show off a complete smile.

The Main Cause Of Adult Tooth Loss? Gum Disease

While cavities can lead to tooth loss, the most common reason for adult tooth loss is complications from advanced gum disease. Your dentist can help protect your periodontal health. Timely intervention for patients exhibiting signs of gingivitis can have their conditions improved through a scaling and root planing procedure. This involves cleaning your teeth under the gums, and treating those areas so that bacteria have a harder time sticking. If your condition is more advanced, ongoing treatments may be needed in order to contain its impact.

Ignoring Active Dental Problems Can Create A Risk For Losing Teeth

Make no mistake – a cavity will destroy your tooth if nothing is done to stop it. If you continue to ignore a problem, particularly a problem that has led to pain or sensitivity, you face the risk of delaying treatment until nothing other than extraction can be performed.

Your Dentist Can Help Prevent Tooth Loss

When you keep up with your oral care needs, and protect both your gums and teeth from problems, you can keep your smile intact. By offering regular dental checkups, and restorative care when needed, Dr. Okoniewski can help you keep your smile in great shape through the years. If you want to set up a visit, call Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820. The team at Advanced Dental Concepts is prepared to help you with your dental needs. We offer superior care for patients who need treatment, and for those who just need to come in for a routine checkup.