Can You Do Even More to Prevent Cavities?

Can You Do Even More to Prevent Cavities?No one wants to go to the dentist, only to be diagnosed with a dreaded dental cavity. Yet the vast majority of adults in America will suffer from dental decay. Unaddressed, cavities can lead to worsening discomfort, and eventually tooth-threatening infections. Fortunately, cavities are largely preventable. You simply need to make some smart choices at-home, and to combine those healthy decisions with regular preventive checkups and cleanings from your family dentist. These are the best ways to keep your smile healthy and cavity-free.

Are You Flossing?

Brushing your teeth twice a day is important. But if you are failing to floss, you are not doing all you can to protect against cavities, as well as other dental problems. Flossing is a fast and effective way to remove bacteria from between teeth. So make sure you add it to your daily dental hygiene.

Do You Drink Lots of Water?

Another surprisingly simple way to protect the smile is by drinking lots of water. Water helps the body to produce saliva, which naturally defends against plaque buildup, by limiting its ability to stick to the surface of the teeth. Water can also help to rinse food particle and bacteria from the surface of the teeth in between brushings.

Of course, equally important to drinking lots of water, is avoiding (or at least limiting) foods and drinks that are dangerous for smiles. This includes items with high amounts of sugar, but also drinks that are acidic, caffeinated or alcoholic, since they can cause dry mouth, which heightens risk of tartar buildup, which could then require restorative treatment.

How Often Do You See the Dentist?

Finally, regular dental cleanings are incredibly important to keeping one’s whole smile healthy. Most patients need to see the dentist at least twice a year for cleanings. That said, if you are particularly susceptible to cavities, you may find that you need to visit even more frequently for preventive cleanings.

Need to Schedule Preventive Treatment?

Preventive dental treatment can help to protect your teeth against cavities and other problems. Contact Dr. Okoniewski by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820 to schedule a preventive appointment.