Do You Know the Most Common Oral Health Problems?

Do You Know the Most Common Oral Health Problems?Do you ever find yourself wondering how common dental cavities actually are, or even what the most common health threats people’s smiles face? If so, you’re not alone. Many people feel more than a little bit misinformed when it comes to their smiles. Fortunately, a little knowledge goes a long way, as long as you back up your newfound knowledge about oral health with the simple steps meant to help protect your smile, like getting regular dental checkups and cleanings.

What Are the Biggest Issues Facing Smiles?

Dry mouth and bad breath are among the most common dental complaints people have. What many do not realize, though, is that these can actually contribute to other oral health threats, and may be caused by them, as well. For instance, dry mouth puts people at a higher risk of cavity development. Cavities and tooth infections can also cause bad breath.

Tooth sensitivity is another common indicator of dental problems, since it generally occurs when the enamel has already been eroded way. That in mind, dental cavities are certainly one of the most common oral health issues.

Sadly, gum disease is also common, and that is a chronic condition that can cause tooth loss and total health problems, if unaddressed.

How Can You Protect Your Smile?

You can help to avoid these and other dental problems, though, through simple dental care. Daily tooth brushing and flossing, for instance, can help to keep tartar buildup at bay. Eating a healthy diet that is low in sugar can also help, by providing your smile with the nutrients it needs.

Just make sure you are also seeing the dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings, to have tartar buildup removed.

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