Teeth Whitening: Test Your Smarts

Whether you are in school, out of school, or driving a carpool for the grand kids, there is always something to learn about your teeth. Knowing the facts about proper brushing techniques and how often to visit for a checkup and cleaning help keep your teeth healthy. Having the most up-to-date and accurate information about teeth whitening can help keep your smile at its most beautiful. Put on your thinking cap and try our True or False quiz to test your smarts about teeth whitening.

Quiz Questions: True or False?

1. True or False: All whitening procedures are pretty much the same.
2. True or False: Whitening will protect your teeth from tooth decay and cavities.
3. True or False: Your dentist can address most teeth discoloration, including intrinsic color changes.

Quiz Answers

1. False. There are many options for teeth whitening. There are less-effective over-the-counter products, as well as professionally-supervised treatments (usually in the form of whitening gels and trays) that your dentist can provide you, to use at home. Many people opt for the convenience of single treatment, in-office Zoom! whitening, to see dramatic results in a short time.

2. False. It would be nice if teeth whitening protected your smile from harm, but it doesn’t. Whitening will lighten your smile and add sparkle and confidence every time you look in the mirror. However, your teeth will need the same careful care you’ve given them all along, which starts with brushing, flossing and regular visits to your dentist.

3. True. Extrinsic stains (on the outer surfaces of your teeth) can be addressed with whitening treatments. You don’t have to live with intrinsic stains, however. Your dentist may discuss porcelain veneers to fix your smile. A crown (which cover the whole tooth) is another option to correct a visible tooth with discoloration from within. Bonding with tooth-colored resin can also be an option for a small discolored area.

We Have Answers to your Teeth Whitening Questions

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