Avoiding Fillings: 3 Bad Things That May Happen

Not only do we offer comfortable, long-lasting fillings but we also offer tooth-colored dental fillings! This means that if you were worried that dealing with your frustrating cavity might mean ending up with a not-very-nice-looking tooth, think again. Your tooth will just look like your tooth used to look before it endured decay: All one color and healthy! So, what is causing you to skip out on this very important treatment? Think about some possible consequences to use as your motivation to get it done soon.

#1: Pain

When you don’t come in for a dental filling, one of the bad things that might happen to you is that you may find yourself in pain! It can be very uncomfortable when decay takes hold of your tooth. At first, you may feel nothing at all. However, when the cavity becomes deeper, you’re looking at some serious sensitivity and possibly worse.

#2: Infection

A cavity is a hole in your tooth that grows as decay eats your tissue away. The problem here is that the cavity can act as an entryway into the deeper tissues within your tooth, which means a possible infection. Avoid letting this happen by?… yep, coming in for a filling.

#3: A Broken Tooth

You might end up with a broken tooth. “Just from a cavity?” you might ask. As a matter of fact, this is common if the cavity is severe. The remaining tissue doesn’t have much support, so if you bite into something and put pressure on the tissue, it may break. Get a dental filling!

Schedule Your Filing The Second You Need It

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