Fastbraces: An Introductory Q&A

When you’re on the quest for orthodontic care that will align your smile but you are hoping to avoid traditional metal braces, it’s usually for some common reasons. First, you are hoping to find something that’s faster that traditional care. Next, you’re likely hoping that it will be a treatment that isn’t extremely obvious, so you can get through your day-to-day experience without noticeable orthodontic parts on your smile. Fortunately, you can achieve these details with Fastbraces, even if you need serious attention for misalignment. We’d love to guide you through answers to frequent questions, so you feel like you’re truly getting to know this option.

Questions and Answers

Question: What type of treatment is Fastbraces? Is it composed of traditional brackets and wires?

Answer: It uses a newer type of bracket that is triangular in shape, instead of the traditional square. The system will also utilize wires. However, unlike the usual metal treatment you see, this solution will blend in with your smile.

Question: Which types of misalignment can Fastbraces treat? Can they really address issues beyond the usual cosmetic crookedness, etc.?

Answer: Fortunately, this treatment addresses spacing, crowding, over bite, open bite, crossbite, and underbite.

Question: What makes Fastbraces so much quicker than traditional brackets and wires (and is it still actually safe for my smile)?

Answer: Rather than move your roots then the rest of your tooth, the specialized brackets move the entire tooth at once, very safely, from root to tip. This speeds up the treatment, while guiding you toward alignment with effective precision.

Enjoy Speedy And Safe Alignment With Fastbraces

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