Snoring: 3 Easy Changes For Optimal Impact

You obviously don’t want to snore. This might be because it’s a little bit (or a lot) embarrassing. It might be because you wake up with a raw throat in the morning. Or, it might even wake you up at night. Whatever the reason you would really like it to stop, you might be very aware of the fact that you have tried and tried to find a snoring treatment but nothing seems to work. Fortunately, our Auburn Hills, MI team can provide you with a few easy changes to make that can help you actually achieve improvements, so you can breathe comfortably throughout the night (and get that good rest you need).

#1: Ask Yourself What’s Relaxing Your Throat Muscles

It’s very possible that you’re part of the problem because of something that you’re doing every day. Take this quick reminder first and then we can explain: You snore because your throat tissue keep touching during the night. As you breathe, they flap against one another, the vibration of which causes a loud noise. You’re snoring! These tissues shouldn’t touch but your throat muscles are relaxing. Something you may be doing to relax those muscles: You’re taking sleeping pills, pain medication, muscle relaxers, or you’re simply having a glass of wine before bed. See if you can skip these things as a natural type of snoring treatment!

#2: Move, Move, Move

Our team reminds you that there are some other lifestyle factors that can impact your snoring. First, remember that excess pressure on your throat can contribute to snoring. So, if you’ve been meaning to get exercising lately to lose a little extra weight, this can actually help! Another type of movement we suggest? If you’re someone who usually sleeps on your back, we know changing your sleeping position can seem strange at first. However, gravity may be pulling your tongue and soft palate tissues toward your throat, which can contribute to snoring. When you lie on your side, you keep your airways open and you’re less likely to snore.

#3: See Us

We really do offer effective snoring treatment that can offer a ton of improvement. We will guide your tissues toward remaining open, so you’re free of obstruction and can breathe. Come in soon to learn more.

Treat Your Snoring With Our Help

Stop trying to address your snoring all by yourself. Come on in for some help from our team and effective treatment. To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.