Your Toothbrush: 4 Things To Commit To Memory

When you think about your dental hygiene products, you may assume you’re already quite the master when it comes to details about what you purchase, how you use them, and more. However, since we cannot know exactly which details you’ve already committed to memory in regard to some very important toothbrush matters (that can have a serious impact on your oral health), we feel compelled to share! As our Auburn Hills, MI team offers just four helpful tidbits in regard to your toothbrush, you may find that you stumble upon new information you never realized you really do need until just now!

#1: If It’s Uncomfortable At All, Something Is Wrong

If your toothbrush is causing you any type of discomfort, something is wrong. It should not feel “bad” to brush your teeth. Here’s what you need to remember: It’s possible that it’s your toothbrush or it is possible that it’s your oral health. Rather than ignoring this dental hygiene dilemma, we encourage you to come in to see us for a checkup. We can then help you with either (or both) concerns.

#2: If It’s Old, You Need A New One Immediately

Our team would like for you to memorize this detail: Brushes only offer effective care for three to four months. Once you know this, you can more easily judge whether it’s time for a new brush or not. In addition, if you have trouble remembering the last time you bought one, this should help: Write the date in permanent marker on the brush! Easy.

#3: If The Bristles Aren’t Soft, You’re Headed For Harm

If you are purchasing a toothbrush that doesn’t have soft bristles, there’s no way around it: You are headed toward damage as you practice your dental hygiene. Those bristles can cause gum recession and even damaged enamel. Only use soft!

#4: It Doesn’t Have To Be Anything Fancy

An effective toothbrush isn’t necessarily a fancy or expensive toothbrush. It’s one that you like, that works, that’s comfortable, that has soft bristles, and acceptance by the American Dental Association helps, too!

Learn About Brushing Details During Checkups

When you have questions about best brushing practices, feel free to bring them to our attention, so we may help you! To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.