4 Important Smile Tips For Nighttime

When you receive tips for your oral health, you’re getting suggestions that are general in nature. You hear about what you should do based on an entire day. To help offer you a new perspective and potentially improve your ability to be certain you’re getting all parts of your smile care completed on a consistent basic, our Auburn Hills, MI team says: Consider some smile tips for nighttime care that just might help you out!

#1: Always Brush At Night, Too

Let’s assume that you brush your teeth in the morning. A very important tip for your nighttime experience? Always brush at night, too! Remember that what you want is to brush twice a day because plaque will completely coat your smile. When you consistently remove it, you’re not looking at any potential consequences, such as cavities. However, when you’re only brushing every 24 hours, this may be just enough time for plaque to turn into tartar before you practice your dental hygiene again. You don’t want this!

#2: If You Didn’t Floss In The Morning, Floss Now

Every night, when you brush your teeth, think back to your morning dental hygiene session. If you flossed, then you’re done with flossing for the day! However, if you didn’t floss, remember that it’s essential to do so with your nightly dental care routine. Otherwise, you’re leaving stuff between teeth and beneath your gumline (food bits and plaque) that will contribute more quickly than you realize to the formation of oral health issues like gingivitis, decay, etc.

#3: Remember To Wear Treatment

When you are getting ready for bed each night, remember that if you are receiving any type of oral health treatment that you wear at night, you need to use it! Maybe you have Invisalign treatment. Remember that you need to wear it for 20 to 22 hours daily, which means while you sleep. TMJ treatment? It’s worn during sleep. Snoring appliances? Well, they are definitely supposed to be in place for sleeping. Remember to follow through for effective results.

#4: No Snacking In Bed, Please!

You will hear this more than once from our team and it’s because we know it can be easy to occasionally (or frequently) fall into the trap: Of eating snacks in bed! Maybe you’re still hungry. Maybe you have the best of intentions to get up to brush and floss after you eat. However, remember that this is just priming you for falling asleep with a dirty smile, so it’s never worth it!

Remember To Ask For Smile Advice

Don’t forget that we can help you look at just about any aspect of dental care from a variety of angles. When you need help or a new perspective for your oral health’s benefit, just let us know! To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.