Cavities: Why Won’t They Go Away For Good?

Have you had a cavity or two and, just when you thought you had all of the details down pat that would help you avoid any additional tooth decay in the future … along comes another one? This can, of course, feel very frustrating if not downright defeating! However, before you allow what feels like another failure to burst your bubble completely, our Auburn Hills, MI team encourages you to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. We can help you pinpoint some additional areas of concern you may be overlooking (and that, once addressed, will help you say goodbye to cavity formation!).

You’re Always Prone To Decay Because…

We remind you that you’re prone to tooth decay on a daily basis because bacteria are ever-present in the plaque that coats your mouth every day. With that said, the reason tooth decay might not have left you alone just yet is because you didn’t realize that you need excellent, daily care, every day in order to stave off cavities. Get on track with completely consistent care (and see us two times a year for cleanings) and things will get much better.

You May Be Letting Your Teeth Become Weak

Patients often forget about the fact that certain aspects of care and particular daily choices may contribute to teeth becoming weak or remaining strong. Of course, weakened teeth are more vulnerable to problems like tooth decay. So, what might you be overlooking that’s causing damage, which is promoting the developing of cavities? Well, first, you may be consuming lots of acidic foods and beverages, which can soften your enamel. You might want to cut back or simply get used to rinsing with water after you eat and drink! Then, there’s the fluoride question. Are you using fluoridated toothpaste? If not, then you’re missing out on some serious decay protection! Start right away.

You Could Actually Be Brushing Too Much

You may think that the more you brush, the better you’re positioning yourself to avoid the development of tooth decay. Unfortunately, when you brush more frequently than we suggest (and, especially if you’re aggressive, rather than gentle), you may be the one eroding your enamel! Avoid this by remembering that you just need to brush morning and evening. If you need to brush again between those sessions, you may. However, you need to do so always with a gentle hand and with nonabrasive toothpaste, so you’re not damaging teeth and creating a better environment for tooth decay to develop.

Make Cavities A Thing Of The Past

Learn more about how to keep your smile in exceptional condition, so you may enjoy a grin that stays healthy and free of cavities! Remember that part of your goal will include twice-a-year visits with our friendly team! To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.