Safer Snacking Versus Not-So-Safe Snacking

In the world of oral health protection, there aren’t necessarily 100 percent safe snacks and then everything else. Instead, it’s a bit more of a comparison between snacking approaches that are safer than most versus those that are most certainly detrimental to your smile! While this may sound lovely, you might not realize that you’ve been indulging in the not so beneficial way of snacking, which can take its toll on your teeth! So, to ensure you’re informed, on the right path, and can easily follow through with your intentions to make smart smile choices, our Auburn Hills, MI team offers some safer-versus-less-safe considerations!

Eat-And-Finish Versus All-Day Snacking

Let’s talk about how much or how often you’re snacking and how long those snacking sessions last! If you’re eating a snack in one sitting, you start and finish within a few minutes, and that’s about it, then this is just a brief snack. On the other hand, if you’re starting a snack and you’re spending hours slowly continuing that snack, followed perhaps by another, this is some serious all-day snacking. Remember: Quickly eating (preferably followed by rinsing) in one sitting isn’t a big deal for teeth or for your jaw joints. However, if you’re chewing and chewing and keeping teeth exposed to food particles, two things are happening: You may be increasing the risk of decay and you’re tiring out your jaw joints. Stick with the quicker, isolated snacking sessions.

Soft, Chewable Foods Versus Hard, Crunchy Items

There’s food that’s easy for you to sink your teeth into, to break apart, and to swallow. Then, there’s the very hard, chewy, or crunchy items. Remember, the softer and easier the food is to break apart and swallow, the better. When chewing takes longer, again, it can take its toll on your jaw joints. With that said, when food is very resistant, it can lead to broken or damaged teeth! Keep your oral health safe by considering what you’re asking of your smile!

Snacks Followed By Water Versus Those Without

We know that you may assume as long as you eat a quick snack and it’s not unhealthy for you that things will be just fine for your oral health. However, remember that if there are carbs or sugars involved (even if your snack is a beverage), your teeth end up coated. So, the easy way to combat this (and possible damage) is to drink water following your snack. You’ll rinse your smile, thereby limiting possible concerns!

Ask Us About Snack Choices

Let us know if you are having trouble matching up your daily eating habits with choices that will benefit your smile! Ask us about snacking and more during your next dental checkup for oral health protection. To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.