4 Ways To Be Kind To Your Tongue Health 

You know how to be kind to your oral health, of course, as it applies to your teeth and your gums. You may even feel like you’re becoming much better at protecting the delicate tissue that makes up your lips! However, if you still feel as though your tongue is a bit of a mystery, our Auburn Hills, MI team wants you to recognize that you’re not alone! This important but sometimes overlooked part of your mouth is very important but that doesn’t mean you necessarily know how to put forth effort to protect it! Not to worry: Just a handful of actions will guide you toward success with your tongue health! (For any additional care or advice, see us for a visit soon)!

#1: Don’t Pierce It

If you want to be kind to your tongue health, then we certainly suggest you leave that tissue intact. How so? Well, by not piercing it. Selecting a tongue ring or other type of piercing can lead to inflammation that can become serious, it encourages bacterial infection by creating an open wound, and you can lead to food that becomes trapped in the opening. Have questions about this? Just ask us!

#2: Brush It!

Just like you incorporate brushing your teeth into your daily dental hygiene in order to prevent a slew of problems from developing (that can require restorative care), remember that you should also be brushing your tongue! It’s very easy. Just consider this an extension of your usual dental hygiene experience, as you protect your tongue health by also brushing from the back toward the front, with gentle strokes, to remove any debris or bacterial accumulation.

#3: Bring Changes To Our Attention

Any type of change, sensation, symptom, or concern about your tongue health? Bring it to our attention right away during a dental checkup, so you can receive care that you require or so that we may dismiss your concerns with a quick explanation about what you’re noticing.

#4: Eat A Healthy, Balanced Diet!

Vitamin deficiencies and problems like diabetes can lead to a number of disorders that you can easily avoid if you maintain a balanced and healthy diet. What does this include, exactly? While you may always speak with our team, a doctor, or a nutritionist about the particulars for your body, we encourage you to eat whole foods, protein, whole grains, and to diversify your diet to ensure you’re getting a full spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals!

Protect Your Tongue Health With Easy Tips

Get in touch with us if you’re worried about the state of your tongue health or you simply have questions about how to best maintain the entirety of your oral health. Just give us a call today to schedule a checkup! To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.