Your Flossing Success Checklist! 

Flossing success relies on some very simple things, if you actually follow through with completing them! How to do make sure this is happening and it part of your reality, rather than just something that you aspire to do to keep your smile in amazing shape? Well, if you happen to do quite well with a routine (which is what dental care requires of you!), then our Auburn Hills, MI team thinks a quick checklist might do you some serious good! When you keep the details in mind and can follow them step by step, you have the makings of one complete dental hygiene experience, when you’re brushing twice daily, too! Remember: It’s easy!

#1: Hold It Comfortably

Start by realizing that if you’re not holding your floss in a comfortable manner, you’re going to end up having a hard time before you even begin! So, remember: Begin by tearing off a piece of floss that’s definitely long enough (around 18 to 24 inches). Yep, it sounds like a lot because you need enough to move along the floss, as you move through your mouth, so you don’t use the same segment twice. Now, gently encircle your middle finger with the floss a few times. Close your pointer and thumb of each hand over the floss and stretch it taut. You’re ready!

#2: Don’t Pop, Snap, Or Rush

Did you know that you can actually end up damaging your smile, irritate your gums, etc., if you’re too aggressive with your dental floss? We know that you may feel as though popping it between teeth quickly or hearing it snap means something good or that you’ve definitely gotten it positioned correctly. However, you should actually avoid too much force and rushing! Instead, be very gentle, wiggle the floss in carefully, and take your time! Even with a measured approach, this aspect of your dental hygiene won’t take very much time!

#3: Apply Some Pressure On Each Neighboring Tooth

If you’re just sliding floss up and down between teeth, you’re only partially getting this part of your dental hygiene done correctly. For optimal removal of plaque and debris, gently curve the floss around one tooth and drag it upwards. Do the same against the other tooth, applying light pressure. Now, repeat throughout your smile for success!

#4: Be Thorough About It!

Don’t just floss your front teeth or only the ones that feel like they have trapped food. Floss your entire smile, do it every single day, and you’ll enjoy the wonderful benefits (gingivitis prevention, cavity prevention, and more) from your dental hygiene!

Enjoy Amazing Benefits From Flossing

Take the time to learn more about how you can successfully floss your smile and how you may enjoy flossing, while you’re completing your dental hygiene! Just ask us for suggestions during your upcoming checkup! To learn more, schedule an appointment or initial consultation by calling Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI today at (248) 852-1820.