Removing Decay from Inside a Tooth

Anatomy of healthy teeth

Tooth decay is one of the more common dental concerns that affect a large number of people yearly. It occurs when harmful bacteria target teeth and cause the natural structure to weaken, break down, and eventually, causes holes to form and structural loss. These bacteria are responsible for a number of dental concerns, including gum disease and more, but can usually be addressed with a restorative procedure if caught early on. In some cases, however, the decay can progress to a point that very few options to save your tooth remain. In today’s blog, your Auburn Hills, MI dentist looks at the benefits of a root canal treatment to help remove infection while saving your natural appearance.

Removing Infection

Minor to moderate cases of decay can result in cavities, which are often handled simply with a dental filling. During this process, your provider will remove the decayed portions of the affected area and then fill the cavity with a composite resin filling in order to preserve the tooth. In some cases, however, decay can progress past a point in which a filling would be no longer helpful, even causing the restoration to fail. When this occurs, your dentist may recommend removing infection from the interior of a tooth with a root canal procedure.

Treating the interior of a tooth is more complex than addressing a concern from the outside, however, it may be the only solution that results in you being able to keep your natural structure. During your root canal procedure, your dentist will access the internal portion of your teeth – often through already-established cavity – to reach the infected inner dental pulp. From here, we will remove the affected portions and thoroughly clean so as to remove any trace of harmful bacteria. Your dentist will then fill the open canals with a dental material, and finish off your treatment with a crown.

Reinforcing a Tooth

The material used to fill the canals offers a method of reinforcing the structure from the inside out, thus preventing harmful bacteria from reinfecting the inner pulp once more. As an added benefit, the crown that is placed will prevent infection from creeping in, allowing your teeth to heal and, ultimately, restore your grin with a complete complexion. Not only will you get to enjoy the cosmetic benefits, but the functional benefits as well, as your structure will regain its strength and integrity once more. For more information, contact our office today.

Preserving Your Smile

Extraction and loss are the last option that a patient or dentist want to pursue, and with proper care and planning, you may be able to restore an infected structure with a root canal procedure. Contact Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI by calling 248-852-1820 to learn more or schedule your visit today.