It Might Be Time To Consider Extraction

Illustration tooth is removed by forceps in oral cavity. Children dentistry characters. Kawaii facial expressions.Taking care of your smile can be more involved than you might have previously thought. After all, the number of threats to its health seems like a never-ending list, while the positive influencers are few and far between in comparison. Still, restorative measures help salvage an infected tooth, making it possible to enjoy your natural smile for long periods of time. In some circumstances, however, an extremely compromised tooth can actually harm your health more by remaining present as opposed to removing it. In today’s blog, your Auburn Hills, MI dentist examines situations in which dental extraction is your best option, as well as how it can benefit your health.

When a Tooth is Compromised

There are a variety of causes for an infected tooth, but the most common by far involves dental decay. You see, bacteria lurk throughout the mouth and hide in the hard-to-access areas. Here, they feed off of the food and sugars we consume, causing them to secrete harmful acids that actively break down your natural structures. Without proper care, this leads to decay in the form of a cavity.

While cavities can be treated early on with composite resin fillings, waiting too long to act will cause the situation to get worse. Indeed, as the infection progresses, your tooth will slowly become compromised to the point that your nerves experience significant damage and you cannot perform routine tasks such as speaking or eating without experiencing pain.

If decay progresses past these points, any other form of restoration is likely going to fail. When the infection has become out of hand and you are out of options, your next viable step may be a dental extraction.

Your Other Teeth are in Danger

Another important driving factor for a dental extraction includes how significantly your surrounded teeth are affected. If leaving the infected structure in place in hopes that it will fall out on its own is going to lead to infection spread, then mitigating the problem at the source may be the better option. Additionally, if your health is on the line and extraction will prevent further damage, then removal will be considered. For more information about this process, reach out to our team today.

Prioritizing Your Health

While nobody wants to lose a natural tooth, sometimes difficult decisions have to be made in order to protect your oral health. Indeed, dental concerns differ from a usual headache or stomach ache in that time is never the answer, and in fact, will nearly always make matters worse. Because of this, it is better to seek treatment sooner rather than later.

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