Maintaining Oral Health While Ill

Sick woman at home. Young african woman laying on sofa she is siYour smile’s health matters for a variety of different reasons, and as such, we must do what we can to ensure its protection. Unfortunately, a barrage of oral bacteria, germs, and more constantly plaque your grin daily, and without proper assistance, this can result in the development of disease or other concerns. Further, nontraditional sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea can lead to a host of complications on its own. In today’s blog, your Auburn Hills, MI dentist takes a look at ways you can better care for your smile, including when you become ill.

Dangerous Effects of Symptoms

It goes without saying that, if presented with the option, nobody would choose to get sick. After all, there are several work, family, and individual effects that occur when ill, and attempting to do anything becomes much more of a chore than it has to be. What’s more? The last thing you want to do is take care to brush your teeth effectively, but it just so happens that this is the time to be even more on top of your preventive dental routine.

When sick, many people endure a host of varying symptoms, and many translate to a variety of different illnesses as well. For example, vomiting may be a symptom of food poisoning, significant fever, and the flu. Though nobody wants to vomit, sometimes it is necessary to help you feel better.

When it comes to the process, however, it can actually harm your oral health more than you might have initially believed. You see, the stomach acid contained in bile actively weakens and erodes your enamel. As a solution, our team suggests swishing and spitting following a vomiting occurrence. Give us a call today to learn more about this process.

Be Cautious of Cough Syrups

Another common symptom individuals may experience while ill include coughing. Coughing can be necessary to clear one’s throat, but chronic coughing can lead to lower back pain and headache. As a result, your doctor or pediatrician may recommend cough syrup to soothe the sore throat.

Be wary, however, when purchasing cough syrup. Many options may include unnecessary sugars that can lead to tooth decay and other oral health concerns. In cases such as these, opting for the healthier option is best.

Why You Need to Drink Plenty of Water

Finally, every sick person can benefit from drinking plenty of water. Believe it or not, dehydration is a common symptom of various illnesses, and a dry, dehydrated mouth is a breeding ground for various bacterial infections and more.

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