Tracking The Growth Of Your Wisdom Teeth

Teen Auburn Hills MIAs a teen or young adult, your dental appointments are very important in keeping your smile safe from harm. While this process is beneficial for all people, you have specific needs related to the development of your final set of molars. These are often referred to as wisdom teeth, and they can cause serious problems for both the appearance and lasting strength of your smile. Take advantage of the opportunity to stay on top of your dentistry with consistent visits for examinations and imagery.

At our dental office in Auburn Hills, MI, we can help you to navigate the serious oral health changes during this period of your life. Schedule your next appointment with our team and discuss where you are in your wisdom tooth development. Through helpful imagery, your provider will track their growth so that you can know when and if an extraction is necessary. Consistent checkups can give you and your dentist the tools you need to prevent a lasting change to your smile, so talk to a member of our team about treatment today!

Your Wisdom Teeth Can Cause Serious Damage If Ignored

As you age into your adult mouth, it is vital that you stay on top of your routine maintenance. This of course includes your home hygiene regimen of brushing and flossing of your teeth, but you also need additional help in order to keep your smile safe. Stick to the schedule of visits that your dentist gives to you, as there are numerous benefits to a dedicated approach to preventive care.

The last significant milestone in your oral health development into adulthood is the growth of your last set of molars. These teeth, commonly called wisdom teeth, can pose problems for a variety of reasons. They may grow improperly, pushing your existing teeth out of alignment. Simply put, you juw might just not have room for extra teeth!

Your Checkups Help Your Dentist To Follow The Development Of Your Wisdom Teeth

When you skip your dental appointments as a teen or young adult, you risk more than just a cavity. During your semiannual checkup, your provider will take digital x-rays in order to note how far a long you are in the process.

If your dentist sees that your wisdom teeth will pose a problem for your smile, they will recommend an extraction of the affected teeth. We can help you through the extraction process so that you continue growing into a healthy adult mouth.

Learn More About Your Wisdom Teeth In Auburn Hills, MI

If you have been holding off on going to your scheduled dental appointments, take the time to care for your oral health. Talk to a member of our team today at Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI at (248) 852-1820!