Protect Your Health with Oral Care

advanced dental flossingThere are a multitude of factors threatening periodontal health. Why not do all you can to protect your systemic and oral health? If you’re only doing half of an oral care routine, you are putting yourself at significant risk for gum disease. In today’s blog, your Auburn Hills, MI dentist looks at periodontitis and how flossing consistently can protect your overall health.

Protect Your Periodontium

As a young one, you can often get away with not flossing or brushing perfectly and only see minimal effects. However, as we age and hormones and other factors occur, our oral environment becomes more vulnerable. Following a consistent and complete oral care routine becomes vital to keep disease at bay.

Brushing is the best way to remove plaque and food particles from around the teeth and gums. Many patients forget to focus on the gumline which is a big mistake. Plaque has motility which means it can move between the teeth and just under the gums if not removed. Focus soft bristles on the gumline and floss to remove bacteria from between the teeth.

If flossing is neglected, then bacteria will continue to thrive and colonize between the teeth and just under the gums. As the bacteria become settled and happy between your teeth, they can turn into more aggressive forms and begin to cause destruction. To prevent this, flossing daily is essential. To learn more about hygiene techniques call our office for a visit.

Try A Mouth Rinse

There are so many over-the-counter mouth rinses. Some may be better for your unique situation so be sure to ask us at your next visit. For example, if you suffer from dry mouth, you should avoid mouth rinses with alcohol. By vigorously swishing with a rinse, you can help to kill more bacteria lurking in your oral tissues. It will also help to dislodge food particles if you are in between brushing.

If Your Gums Are Bleeding

If you notice bleeding gums, then periodontal disease is now active in your mouth. It is important to call us and schedule your next check-up so that we can assess the damage and act quickly. Periodontal disease caught early can be reversible. However, if deeper pockets are trapping tartar and plaque on the root surfaces, a deep cleaning is required to arrest the disease process. Left untreated bone loss and tooth loss are likely to occur.

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