Learn More About Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth whiteningIf you have been trying to whiten your smile with the use of over-the-counter products from your local drugstore or supermarket, you might not see the results that you want. When your smile starts to grow yellowed or dull, make the effort in speaking with your dentist about your options in removing those stubborn stains. This way, you can start your path with a cleaning and examination so you can have a diagnosis before you make any changes.

Take control of the shade of your smile with our team of helpful cosmetic dentistry experts in Auburn Hills, MI. Set aside some time to come and discuss your tooth discoloration at a routine dental checkup, giving you a fresher and cleaner smile to start. While you are here, your dentist can help you to understand the causes of your condition. At our office, we give you multiple options in cosmetic teeth whitening, so learn about the difference and advantages of each approach!

Seeing Stains? Talk To Your Dentist About Your Smile

When your teeth start to grow dull or yellowed, start your cosmetic steps with an appointment with your dentist. A semiannual dental checkup can provide a few different benefits to both the appearance and function of your smile. These visits are an important part of your dental maintenance, and most people require them every six months. Be sure to talk to your dentist about your particular schedule, as you may need an accelerated schedule of care depending on certain health factors.

At your checkup, your provider may give you a diagnosis of extrinsic enamel stains. This refers to discoloration that comes from the things that you eat and drink. Over time, these stains can continue to accumulate and negatively affect the look of your smile.

Ask Your Dentist About All Of Your Teeth Whitening Options

If your dentist gives you a diagnosis of these common stains, it is time to discuss your possibilities in treatment. When you work alongside your dentist here in Auburn Hills, our team gives you a choice between two different forms of effective teeth whitening. Ask your dentist about these two options of cosmetic improvement.

For some, a simple at-home course of treatment is the way to go, giving you the opportunity to lift the shade of your enamel alongside your home hygiene of brushing and flossing. If you need to see a change in a hurry, ask about in-office whitening!

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening With Our Team In Auburn Hills, MI

When your smile starts to look dingy or yellowed, talk to our team about lifting those stubborn stains. To learn more about cosmetic teeth whitening, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI at (248) 852-1820!