Fastbraces Helps You Achieve Your Dream Smile In Less Time

Advanced dental concepts offers fastbraces so you can have a straight smile, faster

Having a straight smile in less than a year might sound too good to be true, but it is possible. If you are an adult in need of orthodontic treatment but do not qualify for Invisalign, we have another option for you. At Advanced Dental Concepts in Auburn Hills, MI, our team offers FastBraces. This is a great solution for adults looking to improve the appearance of their smile in a short time. In today’s blog, we are here to talk about how this method works.

FastBraces Compared To Invisalign And Traditional Orthodontics

Thanks to modern technology, there are several ways to straighten your smile. Traditionally, metal brackets and wires can be placed on your teeth. Over the span of a few years, your pearly whites will gradually be moved into the correct position. However, this method often includes several trips to the orthodontist to adjust wires and shift the brackets.

Alternatively, treatments such as Invisalign can accomplish this discreetly. Many adults may opt for this treatment to avoid the visual aspect of brackets and wires, as well as the many appointments they come with. Unfortunately, though, not everyone will be a good candidate for this option. Patients with severely crowded or crooked teeth may not be able to use Invisalign.

FastBraces are similar to traditional orthodontics. Brackets will be placed on your teeth to even out your smile. However, unlike traditional techniques, these will be set in a different position, allowing for a quicker adjustment process. Instead of wearing them for several years, your treatment time will be just a few months.

Who Is A Good Candidate For FastBraces

Your dentist will need to complete a consultation and examination to approve you for this treatment. This option is suitable for patients in good oral health. If you have problems such as cavities, gum disease, or other conditions, you may not be able to go through this process. For healthy adult patients with crooked or overcrowded teeth, this can be a viable option.

How FastBraces Work

With traditional orthodontic treatments, the crowns of your teeth will be moved first. Then, the roots will move into the correct position. For a faster turnaround time, FastBraces helps both the crown and roots align simultaneously.

Similar to the traditional method, brackets will be bonded to your teeth and held in place with wires. The difference is that triangular-shaped brackets will be placed. This allows for a quicker adjustment period. You will not have to see the orthodontist as often because of how quickly your smile will shift. That can save you time, money, and additional stress.

See If You Are A Good Candidate For FastBraces

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