Placing A Dental Crown On A Dental Implant

placing-a-dental-crown-on-a-dental-implantSure, a dental crown can offer dependable support for an existing tooth. How can it help when your tooth is missing? You can actually have a dental crown serve as a prosthetic by fastening it to a dental implant. The implant, which serves as a sort of replacement tooth root, is placed first. It will be set in the area where your lost tooth root once was, and is actually inserted into your jaw. After the healing process, where the bone will fuse to the implant, your dentist can have a custom-sized dental crown made and placed. The prosthetic will have enough support to take up actions performed by regular teeth.

Why A Dental Implant Offers Excellent Support For Your Prosthetic

A dental implant enjoys the level of support it does thanks to the way your bone fuses to it. This process, osseointegration, occurs because the implant is made from a biocompatible material. The benefits of using an implant go beyond the stability of your prosthetic. This method actually addresses the issue of jawbone deterioration, a common consequence of missing teeth that other prosthetic solutions do not help treat.

Durability And A Lifelike Appearance From A Dental Crown

Dental crowns are lifelike enough to be a discreet addition to your smile. The material they are constructed with, ceramic, is also strong enough to have functional value. Your dentist’s goal when providing you a crown, for a prosthetic, or to help a vulnerable tooth, is to restore your dental function and appearance to the level you enjoyed before you needed treatment.