Quiz: Dental Care From A Dental Crown

dental-care-from-a-dental-crownWhy would you need a dental crown? You might see a crown as being limited to cavity treatment, but there are other instances where it can be a useful dental restoration. You could require support for an injured tooth, or need protection for a tooth that is underdeveloped. With CEREC technology, a crown can be obtained in a single visit. On-site technology allows your dentist to record the necessary measurements and produce a durable, life-like ceramic crown that is ready to be placed on your tooth.


True Or False: A CEREC dental crown is made from metal, and must be constructed at a dental lab.

True Or False: If a cavity is too large, a filling will not be advisable; this situation can call for a dental crown.

True Or False: A dental crown can be fitted onto a dental implant and serve as a prosthetic.


False! A CEREC dental crown eliminates the second appointment normally required when you receive a crown. Without CEREC, your dentist would be dependent on a dental lab for the crown you need. The CEREC crown is made of ceramic, which looks like a regular tooth.

True! Smaller cavities can be restored with dental fillings, but larger cavities may leave too much space for a filling to be reliable. If your dentist is worried about the structure of your tooth holding up after removing decay, a crown can help.

True! A dental crown does not need to be placed on a tooth to help restore your smile. When your dentist places it on a dental implant, a crown can act as a dependable prosthetic.