The Cosmetic Advantage Of A CEREC Dental Crown

cosmetic-advantage-of-a-cerec-dental-crownAn unhealthy tooth can also become an unsightly tooth. Advanced dental decay and dental injuries can both be hazardous to your smile. After all, all it takes is one unattractive tooth to knock down the quality of your appearance. Restorative dentistry is intended to make sure your oral health is in good standing again, by fully addressing whatever problem you are dealing with. That being said, your dentist is able to go beyond just helping the tooth’s condition, and can offer treatment that helps preserve your appearance. One way your dentist can offer cosmetically friendly restorative work is by providing a CEREC dental crown, which offers up ceramic dental crowns. These crowns have a lifelike appearance that can allow your crown to fit in among your regular teeth.

Your Dentist Cares About How You Look After Treatment

Part of your dental experience should be caring about how your smile looks. This is why your dentist offers cosmetic dental work, but that concern can extend to your restorative care, too. In addition to life-like ceramic crowns, you can have smaller cavities treated with tooth-colored fillings.

CEREC Offers More Than Just A Cosmetic Advantage

CEREC technology does more than just provide realistic-looking dental crowns. It actually enables your dentist to make your crown in their office, so you can have it placed in a single visit. Your dentist can take measurements, input them, and have a milling machine construct your crown. That eliminates the need to wait for a lab to make your crown, which means your tooth is completely treated in less time.